Wombat Capa Chuva/ Vento Babywearing Shell

Tipo: Babywearing
Cor - Preto

A capa Wombat Winter Babywearing, compatível com qualquer porta-bebês ergonômico, pode ser usada na frente ou nas costas.

Confeccionada com tecido técnico resistente à água e ao vento, possui forro interno macio e quente. Vem com um prático bolso para as mãos e capuz.

The Wombat & Co Winter Babywearing Cover is perfect for keeping your baby warm during the cold months of fall and winter. It's made from water and wind-resistant technical fabric, with a breathable interior featuring cozy fleece, just like the iconic Wallaby 2.0 babywearing coat.

With the Wombat Babywearing Cover, you and your partner can continue to enjoy babywearing in winter (it's interchangeable). It's adjustable and compatible with most ergonomic baby carriers on the market, thanks to its three adjustable positions. You can continue to wear your favorite coat by placing it over the baby carrier (not underneath, as it's uncomfortable and doesn't allow for proper adjustment of the baby carrier) and then add the cover.

The Wombat Babywearing Cover can be used in both front and back carrying positions. Its two upper snap straps easily attach to the shoulder straps of your ergonomic baby carrier, whether it's a backpack, mei tai, or wrap. The central panel of this universal babywearing cover has an elastic cord system that provides an optimal fit, both in width and height.

This wide range of adjustability allows the Wombat Cover to be used from newborn to the later stages of babywearing. It adapts to your baby's growth and the various ergonomic babywearing devices you may use during this period.

The Wombat Babywearing Cover has an adaptable hood that provides a better fit around the baby's neck and head. It also has a spacious exterior pocket that helps babywearing parents keep their hands warm.

Advantages of the Wombat London Winter Babywearing Cover:

Thanks to its double fabric, with the Wombat Babywearing Cover, your baby will stay warm and comfortable whenever you're babywearing, allowing you to use the baby carrier of your choice while you wear your preferred coat.

The outer layer of this double fabric is similar to the one used in the Wallaby 2.0 babywearing and maternity coat from the same brand. This fabric is water-resistant, making it ideal for cold winters. Internally, it is lined with soft fleece, which helps keep your baby warm.

The inner layer is padded, which helps your baby retain body heat.

If you use the Wombat Universal Babywearing Cover, you only need to add extra layers to your baby's feet (e.g., double socks) and a hat on their head.

With the Wombat Winter Babywearing Cover, you can quickly adapt to your baby's temperature needs. In winter, babies are exposed to abrupt temperature changes when moving from the cold outdoors to indoor temperatures. Simply removing the cover avoids taking the baby out of the baby carrier or waking them if they're asleep, providing great convenience.

It's very lightweight, warm, and easy to adjust.

Features of the Wombat Babywearing Cover:
Outer material: 100% polyester (Wallaby coat fabric). Water-resistant.
Inner material: 100% polyester fleece.
Positions: front and back babywearing.
Color: Green with beige fleece.
Other features: with a hood and an exterior pocket to keep the wearer's hands warm; adjustable in multiple positions both in the hood and the body to accommodate the baby's size; can be used when wearing the baby carrier in the front or on the back. Internal lining of cozy fleece.



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